Welcome to Casa de las Ventanas

Casa de las Ventanas is a realized dream that began in 1994 when I first visited San Miguel de Allende with my daughter Kelsey. I was totally inspired by the beauty, culture, and people of San Miguel, and we continued to vacation there every spring break. As a photographic producer in San Diego, I also introduced San Miguel's charms to many of the photographers I have worked with. I can hear myself saying, "You have to visit San Miguel! It's amazing and you will love the light!"

In 2005 I bought Casa de las Ventanas, a delightful and contemporary home. Designed by a Barragan-inspired architect, the design of the house takes advantage of the beauty of the local scenery. I was so excited when I first walked into the Casa; I knew I had to buy it and I knew it would lead to wonderful times. My artist friends who live in San Miguel also felt that this house was special and encouraged me to buy it.

With its space, clean design, airy atmosphere and spectacular views of the city, Casa de las Ventanas is a lovely way to experience San Miguel. I invite you to enjoy, relax, and be inspired by the Casa and the wonderful city of San Miguel de Allende.

- Kate Joyce